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Meditation for Beginners.
Learn how to meditate.

It doesn't have to be difficult to meditate, but it can be difficult to find a good place to start if you've never meditated before, or if you've mainly had bad experiences with meditation. We believe in easy meditation, and don't think meditation needs to be unnecessarily complicated. It doesn't take much to start meditating, but take care of yourself and practice not beating yourself up when things don't go your way. It could be that you lose focus and think about something completely different. It happens to everyone, and when you find that it has happened, the best thing to do is to just quietly return your attention to where you had reached in the exercise.


Learn to meditate, but remember to have fun along the way. Everyone can meditate, but not everyone has found the method or approach that works for them. Traditionally, there may have been a tendency for some types of meditation and mindfulness to be made difficult to access and require an enormous amount of practice. In today's fast-paced society, SoundWheel tries to adapt our music meditations so that everyone can enjoy them. A short meditation regularly is worth more than a 3 hour long session once in a while. So we convey these thousand-year-old tools in a fresh and straightforward way, so that today's people in a broad sense can also enjoy them.

New users of SoundWheel can follow the different levels that the wheel is divided into. They thus get a pre-planned course that suits their level and experience. You can always switch levels off, so you have access to all the material at once.


It might also make sense to raise the question: What is meditation? There are probably as many answers as there are people who meditate, but here at SoundWheel we have a pretty manageable definition. We see meditation as: The shift between having focus directed towards the outer world to having focus directed towards the inner world – And back again.


In the inner world, we can access a whole range of resources, which it is nice to be able to take with us back into the outer world. Two of the classics are "calm" and "focus", and much meditation is almost exclusively about finding a lower gear. It is of course very good if you have to use meditation against stress and overload, but as far as we can see, you can also access a lot of other things via the inner world. It could be new and fresh energy, new hope or the ability to see the world in a different and higher perspective. Meditation is a tool to strengthen and balance yourself, and the better you know that tool, the more resources you can draw from your inner power bank.

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Try to have a light and humorous approach to meditation, and remember that everyone can meditate, but we meditate differently.


Be patient with yourself, and be careful not to beat yourself up when things don't go as planned.


Try to connect your meditation to routines that already exist in your everyday life. eg. transport to/from work/education, the lunch break, the morning or evening routine. It is always easier to establish a new healthy habit if you actively decide when it will take place. Set any reminders on your phone to remind you to do it.


In the beginning, it can be fine to rely on guided meditation and a more planned process. When you become more familiar with your home, you can adjust the method and technique so that it becomes completely your own.


Be careful not to adopt other people's expectations of what right and wrong meditation entails. We are all different and so is our inner world. So listen and feel for what works for you. You are ultimately your own best meditation guide.

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