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$7.99 / month

14 days

free trial

Full access to the SoundWheel meditation app

- Easy accessable music meditations

- Toggle spoken guide On/Off

- 9 themes Including Rest, Rise, Create og Receive

- More Sound, less talk

- Easy to cancel subscription


Full access to KidsWheel

- Guided meditations for kids

- 4 themes Sleep tight, Balance, New energy and Grounding

Meditation is not

for everyone!


Many people experience restlessness when they try ordinary mindfulness or meditation exercises.

The leap from the rapid pace of everyday life to the very low tempo of the exercises is simply too big. Instead of finding inner peace, they experience frustration.


But it does not have to be that way!


SoundWheel’s dynamic and progressive music meditations meet the user halfway and act as the perfect support mechanism for having a good breakIt takes less than 10 minutes and only requires that you listen.

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Magic meditations

for kids

KidsWheel can help your child to calm down, and is a fun and safe addition to the process of tucking in. The meditations activates the child’s imagination and serves as a great bridge between being awake and asleep. It also includes themes like “new energy”, “focus” and “grounding”. Perfect for a short time out, during an active day.


KidsWheel is included in your SoundWheel subscription.

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