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Meditation for Children

With KidsWheel you get a collection of children's meditations that give your little people a nourishing break and a shift in focus from all the external stimulation they experience during an active day. Our meditations for children are fun and magical, and can be used for many different purposes. In the theme "Sleep well" it's about making sleep easier with sleep meditation, and in "New energy" you get an energetic pick-me-up if the batteries have run out. There is also the theme "Grounding" which gives calmness and grounding, as well as the theme "Balance" with meditations for your child which strengthens an increased focus and well-balanced system.


The ability to take breaks and turn the focus inward for a moment is an important prerequisite for being in good mental balance in adulthood. KidsWheel supports the children in maintaining and strengthening that ability in a fun and easy way. The specially produced meditation music for children supports and stimulates the children's imagination and creative ability. In connection with snuggling, the sound journey's fine balance between receiving impressions and being a co-creator of the sound journey is an excellent bridge into sleep and dreams, where they also create their own experienced reality. Meditations for cuddling children can be a good support and help your child fall asleep.

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In all of SoundWheel's meditations, it alternates between the spoken guide creating a framework and a direction for the sound journey, and the user's own imagination and imagination helping to fill in that framework. If your child listens to an audiobook or watches something on a screen, he is primarily fed with impressions and stimulation from the outside. We want to strengthen the child's own creative ability, and the balance between how much we guide and how much space is left for the imagination to unfold is therefore carefully coordinated.

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Therefore, it may also be a good idea to talk to your child about how KidsWheel works before you try it. Many children will have an expectation that the guide will speak throughout, as this is what they know from audio books and other meditation apps for children. It may well be that they initially find it boring and do not feel entertained or stimulated enough. But be patient - because outwardly, boredom grows, precisely the element that we would like to strengthen both children and adults in making better contact with. And along the way, that connection to your inner world will unfold and become an indispensable element in terms of ensuring good mental well-being. And this applies to both mental well-being for children and mental well-being for adults.

Good advice when you want to meditate with your child

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Make sure to create a cozy and nice atmosphere around the meditation - Remember to have fun with it.


Don’t have specific expectations for yourself or your children, take it as it comes.


Children are often much quicker to switch between the inner and the outer world, so be open to their approach and method of immersion.


Talk to your children before the meditation so that they are prepared for what is going to happen and feel that they are allowed to be themselves along the way.


If it doesn't work at first, be patient with both them and yourself and try to let go of any feelings of frustration, disappointment or helplessness.


Afterwards, talk to your children about their experiences and remember that nothing is right or wrong, so listen and ask questions without judging or evaluating.

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