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Sleep and meditation

Meditation can relieve sleeping difficulties, poor sleep or problems falling asleep. A sleep meditation can calm disturbing thoughts if you have difficulty sleeping and help your mind let go of the day's many considerations. Crowds of thoughts and restlessness in the body can be self-reinforcing, so it's a good idea to have a tool at hand that helps you sleep. Meditation and sleep have become a regular practice for many, and many users describe how meditation just before bed gives them a better sleep and a more calm night.

In our theme "Rest" you will find meditations that counteract sleep problems. They are extra long and end without a spoken guide, so you can use our meditation music as a good bridge into sleep. Falling asleep with the SoundWheel in your ears can be soothing and stress-relieving, and many users describe it as the perfect landing after a long day.

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Studies indicate that up to 40% of the population suffers from sleep disorders to one degree or another. Problems with sleeping can have health consequences in the long term, so it is a good idea to invest some energy in a good sleep meditation.

In KidsWheel, which is our tool for meditation for children, you will also find the theme "Sleep well". Help your children fall asleep with a soothing sound journey powered by children's meditation music. For many of our users, KidsWheel has become an indispensable part of the daily putting routine. Read more about KidsWheel here.


A small anecdote regarding meditation and sleep is about SoundWheel's founder Kristian's mother. Being the supportive mother that she is, she faithfully listened to SoundWheel every night before bed, during the very first beta test. Much to her surprise, her problems with disturbed and interrupted sleep disappeared completely. Prior to the beta test, she experienced waking up several times each night, and subsequently having difficulty falling asleep again. During the beta test with SoundWheel's meditations, she slept much better and experienced undisturbed sleep. Regardless of which meditations she used night after night. Now you can't derive anything definitively based on a single users experience (especially not your mother's), but we hear time and time again from subscribers that meditation has made a big difference in terms of getting a better sleep.

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Try to follow these tips if you want better sleep.

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Only go to bed when you are actually tired.


Don’t go on social media an hour before bed.


Use a meditation that helps you relax your body and let go of disturbing thoughts. Preferably one you already know.


Avoid mentally demanding tasks in the evening, rather slow down with a book, music etc.


Do not consume caffeinated drinks in the evening (coffee, tea, cola etc.)


Make sure you are neither hungry nor overfull when you go to bed.


If you can't sleep, better get up again until you feel tired.

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